Nordic-Baltic Energy Conference 2023


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Ulla Suomi

Ulla Suomi works a director on the area of Monitoring and Evaluation at Motiva Oy, a Finnish hundred percent state-owned expert company promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials.

She has over twenty-five years’ experience working in energy policy implementation and development. The work includes close cooperation and assistance with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the 2014 established Energy Authority in the national implementation, monitoring and verification, impact assessments and reporting related to EU energy efficiency directives and national policies in the area. In addition, she has since 2008 been working as a theme leader of the Concerted Action for Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED) in the theme of planning, targets, policy measures, monitoring and reporting related to the implementation of the directive.

Ulla will draw a view of Motiva’s role and different kinds of actions in the implementation of energy efficiency in Finland.