Nordic-Baltic Energy Conference 2023

About the Nordic-Baltic Energy Policy Conference


The Nordic-Baltic Energy conference is a follow up to the series of conferences that focus on regional challenges and prospects since 2011. These conferences and roundtables have proved to be very instrumental in gathering key energy stakeholders in Tallinn in the so called Nordic-Baltic 8 (that is 5 Nordics + 3 Baltics) - NB8 format.

Objective and background

The objective of this NB 8 energy conference is to provide a platform for energy policy discussions among policy makers, policy experts, businesses and academia in the Nordic-Baltic region. Both 2022 and 2023 have been an intense period on European level. The energy crisis really challenged the energy sector, both the policy makers and the market actors. Energy policy makers on EU and European level have been forced to reorient and to implement new measures. New tools have been presented with the EU Commission’s toolbox, in Repower EU and in the energy crisis regulations adopted in 2022. The work on European energy transition goes on.

Many of these policy measures will be in implementation also in 2023 and 2024. In parallel, the EU-institutions have been in final phase of decision making, which means adoption and implementation of the energy related “fit for 55” legislative acts. A moderate reform of the electricity market is under way.  These acts are key to reach the overall objectives of the EU on energy and climate and define  a frame for policy implementation. A wide range of national energy policies have been implemented in the evolving crisis and post crisis situation. It is very timely that the Nordic and Baltic countries take stock of the energy policies in this situation. In substance this conference will address the overall “trilemma” of climate change, security of supply and competitiveness.

The conference is organized and sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers Senior Energy Officials Committee and is an integrated part of the Nordic Energy Policy Cooperation programme 2022-2024.